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Quick information


The Lebanese Pound (Lira) or L.L. or LBP
The bank notes are 1000-5000- 10.000 -20.000 - 50.000 - 100.000 Lira.
The coins are 100 - 250 - 500 Lira.
Approx. exchange rate: 1$ = 1500 LBP, 1€ = 1950 LBP



Landline, fax, mobile (GSM), Internet systems (Wi-Fi, DSL, 3G, 4G) are available.


-Country Code: +961
-International Call Prefix: 00
-fixed - 7 digits, area code included
Cell phones - 7 and 8 digits
Sample call (+ 961) 1 ??? ???

Area Codes

Beirut (0)1
South: Marjayoun, Nabatiyeh, Sidon, Tyre (0)7
Bekaa: Baalbeck, Mashghara, Rayack, Zahle (0)8
Mount Lebanon 1: Aley, Baabda, Bhamdoun, Hammana (0)5
Mount Lebanon 2: Byblos,Ghazir, Jounieh, Adma... (0)9
Mount Lebanon 3: Baabdat, Bickfaya, Jdeideh (0)4
North: Tripoli, Zgharta 6


Mobile operator in Lebanon: Mobile Interim Company 1 (MIC1) or ALFA and Mobile Interim Company 2 (MIC2) or TOUCH are the companies that manages the mobiles network on behalf of the Ministry of Telecommunications (MoT) in the Republic Of Lebanon


Electricity, Weight & Mesuares

Kilograms and metric system.
220 Volts AC, 50 Cycles, using rounded two-prong or american plugs.



There are international (5-star) hotels in Lebanon: Sheraton, Meridien, Intercontinental. Numerous first and second class hotels are found throughout the country.
Chalets and campings are also available along the coastline (Byblos, Jounieh, Betroun, Sayda,...) and at the mountains (Faraya, Fakara, Brumana,) during summer and winter.


Time Zone

November thru April: GMT +2Hours.
May thru October: GMT +3Hours.



Continental-Mediterranean in most of the country with four distinct seasons. Average temperature 32°C. in summer, 11°C. in winter and 25°C. in spring and autumn.


Business Hours

8.00 to 14.00 (Monday to Thursday) and Saturday
8.00 to 11.00 (Friday)

Stores: 9.00 to 18.00 (winter) 22.00 (summer).
Banks: 8.30 to 2.00 (Monday to Friday)
8.30 to12.00 (Saturday)



Sunday is the official holiday.
Saturday and Sunday are enterprise closing days
Tuesday is museums and castles closing day.



The official language is Arabic. Many Lebanese also speak a second language, French and/or English.


How To Get There

Lebanon is the main gateway to Eastern Asia and the Arab world and is connected with Europe & Africa by many international airlines (Beirut international Airport - RHIA) and international shores (Beirut, Tripoli).
By land, highways connect Lebanon with Syria and Palestine.



Lebanon is not only a regional center of media production but also the most liberal and free in the Arab world.
According to Press freedom's Reporters Without Borders, "the media have more freedom in Lebanon than in any other Arab country"



The history of publishing in Lebanon dates back to 1610 when the first printing press was established at the Convent of Saint Anthony of Qozhaya in the Kadisha Valley, making its first publication, Qozhaya Psalter -the Bible's book of psalms, which was in both Syriac and Arabic.
The second half of the nineteenth century, was marked the emergence of Beirut's prolific press. Lebanese publishers and journalists, along with Syrians, also played a major role in establishing the Egyptian press in the nineteenth century.

Some Lebanese newspaper
In Arabic:
Al Akhbar, Ad-Diyar, Al-Balad, An-Nahar, As-Safir, Al-Mustaqbal, Al Anwar, Al-Joumhouria, Al-Liwaa, El-Shark, Al-Binaa, Al-Bayrak.

In Armenian:
Ararad (daily), Aztag (daily), Zartonk (daily).

In English:
Lebanon Daily Star (daily), Al Akhbar.

In French:
L'Orient-Le Jour (daily), Al-Balad en français.


Tv Channels

A list of Lebanese TV channels:
Al Jadeed Local
Al Manar Terrestrial
Future News
Future TV Terrestrial
LBC Local
Murr Television Local MTV
National Broadcasting Network NBN
Orange TV OTV

Beside all these local channels, with cable and satellite providers you can watch all international TV (CNN, BBC, MBC, Abu DHABI TV,...).



All visitors to Lebanon require a valid passport and an entry visa, which should be obtained prior to departure from Lebanese Consulates and Embassies around the world.


Important Notice

Lebanon will not grant visa nor entry permit to anyone who has a passport which shows evidence of a visit to Israeli occupied territory.